What is


Nuaweb is a company where efficiency and simplicity go hand in hand to lead your company to success. At Nuaweb, you will benefit from our extensive experience acquired with several multinationals over the years, which makes us completely different from our competitors. We can provide you with the complete solutions you need.


With our experience in the world of business computing, NUAWEB is able to provide you with a high quality professional service.

Nuaweb’s mission is to provide small and medium-sized companies with the working tools used by large multinationals in order to be as competitive as possible.
In addition, we want to provide a one-stop centralized solution in a cloud computing environment that allows you to access your business from any device, whether it is a mobile phone, a tablet, a computer, etc.
The company’s objective is also to encourage SMEs to go green, in other words, to become companies that no longer use paper or hardly use it at all. The environment is important and every little action counts.
Imagine not having to manage a dozen or so software applications to carry out all your business projects. Everything is in the same place and is accessible from anywhere, in a completely secure way.


OUR Team

Jonathan Berger, Ceo

Emmamnuelle Angers, Team Leader