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In the automotive industry, the heart of a car is its engine. That’s what Engine Guru understood, a company specialized in the sale of car engines. To assert its dominant position in the market and reinforce its identity, Engine Guru sought the expertise of Nuaweb to create its logo and design a professional website.

1. Creation of a Powerful Logo

An engine symbolizes power, performance, and reliability. Keeping these characteristics in mind, Nuaweb has designed a logo for Engine Guru that exudes strength and expertise. The combination of colors, dynamic shapes, and graphic elements has resulted in a logo that captures attention and reflects the superior quality of engines offered by Engine Guru.

2. Design of a Professional Website

For a specialized company like Engine Guru, the website needs to serve as both a showcase for its products and an informative platform for its clients. The Nuaweb team has created an intuitive website, rich in technical information, yet easy to navigate. Each engine is presented with precise details, high-resolution images, and technical specifications to assist customers in making an informed choice. Furthermore, a FAQ section and an informative blog provide useful answers and advice for both automotive enthusiasts and professionals.


The collaboration between Nuaweb and Engine Guru has given rise to a robust digital identity for a company that lies at the heart of automotive mechanics. Thanks to this online presence, Engine Guru can now assert itself as a leader in the field of auto engine sales, while providing its customers with a seamless and enriching shopping experience. At Nuaweb, we take pride in having accompanied this digital transition, propelling Engine Guru to new heights.

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