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The Digital Radiance of Eugénie Art

In the digital age, even the world of art, deeply rooted in tradition, must evolve. For an artist, having an online platform is essential to showcase their artworks and interact with their audience. In this context, Nuaweb had the privilege of collaborating with a talented artist named Eugénie Bérubé, known as Eugénie Art. Our mission? To create a captivating logo, an elegant website, and develop an integrated online store for her artworks.

1. Design of a Captivating Logo

Eugénie Bérubé, with her exceptional talent and unique vision, deserved a logo that matched her artistry. We have thus designed a logo for Eugénie Art that reflects both her artistic identity and modernity. The fusion of colors, shapes, and graphic elements has given birth to a symbol that encapsulates the very essence of her work.

2. Creation of an Elegant Website

An artist’s universe should be reflected in every corner of their digital space. For Eugénie Art, we envisioned a website where every detail, from the layout to the typography choices, echoes her artistic approach. The website, abundant with visuals of her artworks, allows visitors to immerse themselves in Eugénie’s world and explore her journey, philosophy, and inspirations.

3. Development of an Integrated Online Store

Art is a passion, but it’s also a profession. To enable Eugénie to share her creations with the world and offer art enthusiasts the opportunity to acquire them, Nuaweb developed an online store integrated into her website. User-friendly for the artist and intuitive for customers, this store provides a seamless online shopping experience. Whether for a purchase or simply for admiration, the store allows everyone to immerse themselves in the world of Eugénie Art.


The collaboration between Nuaweb and Eugénie Art has been a fascinating journey, blending technology and art. This project reminded us of the importance of customization and understanding the unique needs of each client. Today, Eugénie Art shines not only through her canvases but also through her strong and elegant online presence. At Nuaweb, we take pride in having helped such a talented artist shine even brighter in the digital world.

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