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The Digital Innovation of NEXRIDE.CA

Employee transportation is a crucial element for many businesses, ensuring their teams arrive on time and safely. Identifying this need, NEXRIDE.CA was created to offer a transportation solution dedicated to company employees. To assert its presence and unique identity in a competitive market, NEXRIDE.CA collaborated with Nuaweb, which was tasked with the complete branding, from naming to the creation of the logo and website.

1. Branding: The Strategic Choice of the Name.

A name can make all the difference in brand recognition. Nuaweb, considering the primary objective of the service and the need to evoke both modernity and reliability, proposed “NEXRIDE.CA”. “Nex” suggests the future, the avant-garde, while “Ride” directly relates to the world of transportation. Together, they create a memorable and relevant brand.

2. Creation of an Impactful Logo.

A logo is the face of a brand, an instant reminder of what it represents. For NEXRIDE.CA, Nuaweb envisioned a sleek yet distinctive logo, combining dynamic elements and attractive colors. The design embodies speed, fluidity, and professionalism, echoing the brand’s promise to offer an efficient and reliable transportation service.

3. Designing an Intuitive Website.

The NEXRIDE.CA website needed to be a reflection of its commitment to businesses and their employees. Nuaweb a donc conçu un site web à la fois informatif et convivial, mettant en avant les services proposés, les avantages pour les entreprises et un système de réservation simplifié. Thus, Nuaweb designed a website that is both informative and user-friendly, highlighting the services offered, the benefits for businesses, and a simplified booking system.


The digital journey of NEXRIDE.CA, guided by Nuaweb, illustrates the importance of consistent and impactful branding in today’s competitive landscape. Thanks to this digital transformation, NEXRIDE.CA now positions itself as a major player in the corporate employee transportation sector, promising efficiency and trust. At Nuaweb, the pride is evident, having accompanied such an innovative company on its digital journey.

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