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The Digital Evolution of L’Équipe Marcil

Recognizing this, L’Équipe Marcil, a reputable paving company located in Sherrington, embarked on a digital transformation journey. In this context, Nuaweb was chosen by L’Équipe Marcil, a renowned paving company located in Sherrington, for an ambitious task: to redesign its website, conceive a modernized logo, and create an innovative business card.

Website Redesign

When one mentions paving, one immediately thinks of solid, durable, and aesthetically pleasing work. That’s exactly what L’Équipe Marcil wanted to reflect on its website. The challenge for Nuaweb, then, was significant: to transpose these values into a digital interface.

The result is breathtaking. The new site, accessible at lequipemarcil.ca, is both robust and elegant, offering visitors a smooth and intuitive navigation.The sleek design, emphasizing high-quality visuals of the company’s achievements, allows potential clients to instantly grasp the expertise of L’Équipe Marcil.

Creation of a New Logo

A logo is not just an image, it’s the signature of a company. After spending time understanding the ambitions and values of L’Équipe Marcil, Nuaweb designed a modern logo that pays tribute to the company’s prestigious past.

This logo, a perfect blend of tradition and modernity, beautifully illustrates the innovative nature of L’Équipe Marcil while conveying the solidity and durability essential in the paving industry.

A Memorable Business Card

A business card is often the first physical contact between a company and its prospects. Nuaweb created for L’Équipe Marcil a card that is both elegant and practical, highlighting the company’s professionalism.

Every detail of this card was designed to leave an impression: a sleek design, clear information, and a touch of originality that recalls the world of paving.


The collaboration between Nuaweb and L’Équipe Marcil was a true creative adventure. Reimagining such an established brand required a deep understanding of its heritage while envisioning its future. Today, L’Équipe Marcil shines with a renewed identity, ready to conquer new horizons while staying true to its roots. At Nuaweb, we are honored to have been a part of this digital rebirth.

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