IP telephony is the innovation that gives you the ability to access your communications anytime, anywhere.

IP telephony is a high-tech telecommunications system that uses cloud technology. Communications are made via the Internet to a cloud computing infrastructure. It is a technology that allows the transportation of voice, just as it does by telephone, through digitization and data transmission via the Internet to the recipients.

In simpler terms, you use your phone system in the same way as a conventional system, except that communications go through the cloud.

The many opportunities available to users, as well as the new processes available, have confirmed that IP technology is essential for both small and large companies. Indeed, companies are increasingly using the IP communication protocol, as it has proven its worth and the investment is relatively low compared to the possibilities offered.

It will have a major impact on your company’s communications landscape. Flexible and trustworthy, it adapts to your needs while protecting your budget.

With NUAWEB you can count on advanced expertise in IP telephone systems


Improve your communications

With IP telephone technology, you can count on a complete service for the management of your telephone systems. In addition, you are assured of significantly improving your communications mechanisms while reducing operating costs. The IVR telephone system is another excellent tool for measuring your company’s data and allowing you to know exactly where your customers come from.

System with interactive menu

In practice, it is a very straightforward virtual telephone system. Flexible and economical, IVR telephony gives you access to a wide range of data on your potential and current customers. You will therefore be able to perfectly meet the needs and expectations of your customers. This will facilitate collaboration between employees who work remotely and are involved in common issues. Internal communication will be greatly improved. Every user will be more productive, whether in the office, on the field, in the factory, on the road or from home.

Flexibility and mobility

With IP telephony, you are sure to be in constant communication with your customers, at the right time, no matter where you work from. During all your travels, you are in complete control of the management of your telephone systems. Thus, with IP technology, you are constantly in contact with your company. The same applies to your employees and collaborators. You will quickly see the level of productivity increase and recurring benefits will be provided by improved customer service.

Innovative applications

The physical location of the IP telephony devices does not matter. The system works perfectly in your company environment, at your main office or at home. In addition, IP telephony makes it possible to combine the sending of different types of communication such as digital data, images or videos. It is also possible to use new services and innovative applications that are available with this technology..

In addition to being reliable and uninterrupted
IP telephony is equipped with a combination of essential features.
With Nuaweb, you can count on advanced expertise in telephone systems

Advantages of an IP telephone :

  • unlimited number of calls
  • no limit on the number of users
  • unlimited simultaneous conference calls
  • enhanced corporate image
  • no voicemail
  • interactive virtual menu
  • automatic call distribution
  • call archiving
  • In operation day and night
  • Unlimited number of extensions
  • Unlimited number of queues
  • Interactive voice server
  • Firewall service
  • Customized ringing strategies

Essential features :

  • Interactive voice response
  • Advanced Voice Mail
  • Call Recordings
  • Toll-free, international numbers
  • Long distance plans
  • Compatibility with many equipment manufacturers
  • 24/7 support and network of technical partners
  • Display unit
  • Company directory
  • Conference Calls
  • Voice messages sent by email
  • Music on hold
  • Detailed call reports
  • Virtual phone
  • Call forwarding

Smooth installation

IVR telephone systems are offered on a ready-to-use basis and the transition from the current solution is smooth and free of constraints. The solution that best meets your needs depends on the customer base and the type of network your company has. This will be determined after a thorough analysis of your current operation.

An all-inclusive service

Our technicians take care of all the configuration and analysis of your data, without any interruption of services. In short, thanks to cloud computing solutions, whether IP or IVR telephony systems, you will see your company reach a whole new level.