CRM is the ideal solution to manage your company’s relationship with customers.

With cloud computing solutions, you have the ability to centralize customer management using the CRM system, i.e., a customer management system.

The CRM management system encompasses all aspects of customer relations, including sales administration, invoicing, representative management and customer service.

In short, CRM is a complete and easy-to-use management system in which all the relevant information for your company and its success will be found. The more efficient your system and organization are, the more profitable your business will be and your time will be optimized. Then, in addition to CRM, we offer you HRM, which is a tailor-made employee management system.

With this tool, you can save detailed employee profiles and lists of all your departments, create and assign tasks, view your company’s policies and many other options. Whatever your human resources needs, it is with HRM that you will be able in the best possible way to optimize the management of your staff.

Another important option offered through the CRM system is accounting

When you are in business, it can be difficult to manage the entry and exit of money, pay suppliers and employees, etc. With an accounting module added to your CRM management system, you can organize everything related to accounting in the same place. This way, you will save time and money again. Several options are available, including billing, payments, purchases and expenses, sales journals, expenses and losses, various reports and graphs on your finances, tax management, linking bank accounts, and more.


Finally, another function available for you and your company is project management. Thanks to this function, you can have, in a single place, all your projects with all the related details, the files related to the project and the person (s) in charge. The project management system also allows messages to be sent and the possibility of creating discussions, commenting and monitoring. In addition, there is the option to create lists of specific tasks and assign roles, as well as being able to monitor the progress and completion of the various projects in progress in real time.

What could be better than having a dashboard that shows you where all your projects are? By being organized in this way, you will be able to offer an exceptional service to your customers. The company’s objective is also to encourage SMEs to go green, in other words, to become companies that no longer use paper or hardly use it at all. The environment is important and every little action counts.

Imagine not having to manage a dozen or so software applications to carry out all your business projects. Everything is in the same place and is accessible from anywhere, in a completely secure way.